When you think of the South Florida music scene, you wouldn’t think of finding an artist like Durell. You will find a piece of yourself in something he creates because of the raw, unapologetic honesty that he blends with an entertaining flow, unique lyricism and witty wordplay. It’s like he’s in the room with you, telling you how he feels about whatever he’s going through, making it okay to be human, to be you.


“I try my best everyday to be self aware and understand myself more. You’ll notice my music reflects my thoughts & where I’m at in life at the moment I wrote it. Within the process of finding out who you are, you’ll eventually realize, other than your unique experiences, we’re not all that different from each other.”


His latest EP “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy”  elaborates on his thoughts and feelings within the transition of leaving his old self behind in order to level up in the self-growth process, which never ends. A project in which he expresses himself precisely with impactful, standout lyrics and catchy melodies you will hum way after the song is finished.


“I love everything about songwriting, period. I like mixing entertaining, catchy vibes with real content inspired by my everyday experiences. I want you to listen and get something out of what I’m saying but I also want the overall vibe of the song to not make you focus so hard on what I’m saying – at the same time. It’s difficult to explain but when you listen, hopefully you understand.” 


With more than a decade of songwriting under his belt, the South Florida emcee continues to exude more and more confidence on his tracks going forward. Successfully developing his own signature flow and dedicated following with his previous projects, in addition to making a ton of singles available online – Durell will be the topic of conversation in years to come.